Hast Mudra Series - For a disease free life

Often, we take lot of medicines for number of dieseases either for curing it or for preventing it and multiple times it is seen that these medicines backfire at older age when we start seeing their aftereffects in body. Yogasan came as a breather for all those who want an alernative for taking medicines and yet remain free of diseases. Hast mudras are the next generation of yogasan and have multiple benefits.


Our universe is made up of five tatvas viz. Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Jal and Prithvi. Likewise our body is also madeup of same five tatvas and whenever the proportion or the placement of these tatvas change in our body, it becomes prone to diseases. Right proporation of these tatvas in our body is called as Samsthiti and it becomes Vishamstithti whenever the proportion changes. These 5 tatvas controls the internal secretion of glands and hence proper functioning of internal organs. The five fingers in our hands also represent these 5 tatvas and we can alter the proporation of these tatvas to the right combination by exercising few mudras made with the helps of these fingers. Let us see which finger represent which tatva:

Thumb: Agni

Index Finger: Vayu

Middle Finger: Aakash

Ring Finger: Prithvi

Little Finger: Jal


Now, we will go through few Hast Mudras below:
  • Vayu Mudra - This mudra is beneficial for all the 80 types of vatvyadhis like arthritis, paralysis, cervical, joint pains, gastric troubles etc. It strengthens the backbone and improves blood circulation. This mudra can be exercised by keeping the index finger at the root of thumb and pressing the thumb lightly on the index finger. All other fingers should be kept straight. Given picture shows the correct form of this mudra :

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