Medo - Vridhi / Sthaulya

Medo - Vridhi / Sthaulya, which is also called as motapa in Hindi and Obesity or Over weight in English is one of the most found disease in human beings.

It is caused by accumulation of extra fat in different parts of body. Hips, belly, thighs and breasts are more prone to it. Medo-Vridhi itself is a deisease and it causes many other diseases in the body like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthitis among main ones.

This is mainly due to bad eating habits and people are getting mor and more conciuous about this now a days. But in most cases, they do not follow the best practices but take the easier routes like going to gymnasiums, exercising a lot or dieting which leads to nutritional deficiencies in body. Wrinkles and dark circles start appearing on the skin due to improper diet intake. Moreover, they again gain weight after they stop dieting. Another myth in this is that start taking juices. We need to know that juices contain more sugar content and no roughage. Roughage is extremely important in digestion and prevents constipation. We all know that extra sugar leads to obesity. Taking frutis instead of juices is much better option as it fills the stomach and sugar consumed is also much less.

Yes, exercising is an effective way to reduce weight but we need to know that males amd females have diferent metabolism. While males can burn fat doing high intensity exercises, females burn more fat by doing low intensity long duration exercises.

I will not go into what to eat, when to eat and what exercises are more helpful in reduction of weight but will touch upon certain foods or home remedies that can help us reduce weight and get rid of obesity. Some of them are:

  • Include oatmeal into daily food

  • Take lemon juice + honey + lukewarm water empty stomach early morning

  • Start consuming aloe vera (plant shown in picture) juice twice a day (15 ml per day) - This can be mixed with water also in 1 to 4 ratio

  • Decoction of triphala (1/2 cup) early morning empty stomach

  • Include yoga and pranayam as part of daily life for at least 20 minutes per day

  • Brisk walking has also given very good results in curing obesity


  1. Guggulu - it plays an important role in reducing obesity

  2. Take shudh guggulu with warm water

  3. Triphala guggulu

  4. Medohar guggulu

  5. Arogyavardhani vati

  6. Chandraprabha vati

All medicines are required to be taken under supervision of registered ayurvedic medical practitioner.

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