Overcome Eye Diseases with Ayurveda...Part1

Eyes Diseases are prevalent in most of the world but they are more found in the tropical countries and mostly at the time of monsoon when the moisture in the air is more and there is free communication of virus and bacteria from one human to another. Also, the changing weather makes the human beings little less strong in immunity which again leads to viruses and bacteria increased attacks. Ayurveda divides the Eye diseases in different types on the basis of their symptoms. Let us see some of the diseases and medicines for them.
Conjuctivitis (Netrabhisyanda): This is an eye disease characterized by the inflammation and rednesss of the conjuctiva accompanied by various types of pain and watery discharge from the eye. Its other symptoms include feeling of stiffness, burning sensation, heavyness ir itching in eys and headache. In some cases pus may also form.
  • Take Ghrta (Ghee) - 12 to 24 gram with meal or with 5 gram sarkara (raw sugar) thrice a day
  • Take 100 ml Dugdha (Milk) Siddha (prepared) in the decoction of Tripahla twice a day
  • Ghrta (Ghee) - 12 to 24 gram. Siddha in the decoction of Dasamula or of Triphala needs to be taken twice a day
  • Dugdha (Milk) Siddha - 100 to 250 ml. siddha with root of Satavari (wild asaparagus) - 12 to 24 gram and juice of Ardraka (Ginger) - 7 ml is to be taken thrice a day
External Applications:
  1. Foment the eye with cotton dipped in warm ghee or hot Aja Dugdha (Goat's milk) or warm Tila Taila (Gingelly oil)
  2. Make solution of Shudha Tankana (Purified Borax) in hot water and foment the eye
  3. Prepare Pottalika (Small bag) of hot payasa and foment the eye
  4. Netrabindu - Instil its 2 - 4 drops in the eyes 4 times a day
  5. Phulikadrava - Instil its 2 to 4 drops in the eyes 4 times a day
In my next post, I will talk about Trachoma and Night Blindness.

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