Overcome Eye Diseases with Ayurveda...Part 2

Today, we will talk about two more eye diseases that are prevalent in world. Though these have good medication present in the Ayurvedic medical science, even then people are not able to take benefits of these since the awareness is at very low level. In fact, Night Blindness is one of the those eye diseases that can be compeltely cured with the help of Ayurveda. First, we will talk about Trachoma.
Trachoma (Pothaki): It is a contagious disease characterized by appearance of small and red colored papules in the conjunctiva of the eyelid and accompanied by itching, pain and lacrimation.
  • 1 to 2 gram powdered seed of Brhad-Ela (Larger Cardamom) and take with 5 to 10 gram Sarkara (raw sugar) thrice a day
  • Foment the eyes with the mixtureof bark of Khadira (Khair) and seeds of Adhaki (pigeon pea) and Sigru (Horse Radish), after the eyes have been washed with tepid warm water
  • Foment the eyes with the mixture of rhizome of Haridra (turmeric) and roots of Daruharidra (barberry) and Yastimadhu (glycyrrhzia) mixed with honey
  • Apply an Anjana of seed of Cakramarda (Foetid Cassia) at bed time
  • Apply an Anjana of Laghu Haritki (smaller variety of chebulic myrobalan) with honey at bed time

Night Blindness (Naktandhya): This is a disease caused by the vitiation of Kapha and in which the patient is unable to see in the night but can see very well in the day light.


We have another variety of Night Blindness which is called Nyctalope or Nakulandhya in which patient in the day also sees peculiar outlines and his eyes (iris) shine like that of a mongoose (Nakula)



  • Leaves of Jivanti fried in ghee needs to be taken in 6 to 12 gram dose thrice a day
  • Leaf Juice (Svarasa) of Agastya - 12 to 14 ml or its Kalka - 12 to 24 gram fried in 10 gram ghee needs to be taken twice a day
  • Apply Anjana prepared from the fine powder of leaf stalk of Kapittha (wood apple) or its ash in honey sufficient to make a paste
  • Apply Anjana of Aja-Yakrt (Goat's Liver) concentrated in mixture of Triphala
  • Take equal parts of stamens of Sveta Kamala (White Lotus) and Nila Kamala (Blue Lotus). Wash in freshly prepared Gomaya Rasa and make a Varti. Apply it as Anjana with rose water in eyes
  • Anjana prepared from the juice of Sallaki (Indian Olibanum) upto 10 ml and honey upto 1 gram, needs to be applied twice a day
  • Mixture of leaf of Udumbara (gular fig) concentrated to the solid consistency can be used as Anjana
  • Prepare pottalika (small bag) of equal part of powder of root of Gambhari, fruit rinds of Haritki (chebulic myrobalan) and Amalaki (embelic myrobalan) and dip in distilled water. Few drops to be instilled in eyes from Pottalika
  • Mix Rasanjana - 600 mg in Nari Dugdha (human milk) - 10 ml and instill its 2 to 4 drops in the eyes or dissolve 1.25 gram of pure Rasanjana in 10 ml distilled water. Add 10 ml honey and instill its 2 to 4 drops into the eyes
  • Lepa of fruit rind of Haritki (chebulic myrobalan) fried in ghee and mixed in water to be applied on the eyes
  • Make a paste (Kalka) of root of Bhumayamlki with Saindhava Namak (Rock Salt) and Kanji in a copper bath and apply on the eyes as Lapa
In next post, I will talk about Cataract and few other eye diseases.

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